Boat Insurance for Russia.

I always write about the boring stuff. In this case insurance for those who want to sail to Russia. Most foreign insurance companies seem too scared to cover yachts sailing in Russian waters. Ridiculous, but there you go. In Blue Dove I have had the same problem. However Ingosstrakh, a major Russian insurance company has agreed to provide third-party liability cover in Russia. They don’t do comprehensive for my boat because Blue Dove is more than 10 years old. Sigh. Their 3rd party cover is expensive too but at least we have found a company is prepared to insure us, both for Saint Petersburg and the Russian inland waterways for one month, against the princely sum of USD375. Once I’ve got everything signed and I’ve managed to pay them, I’ll let you know.

For the moment, I am a happy bunny to have found a solution.

And so is Blue Dove sitting small but proud in Klaipeda’s harbour against the backdrop of a cruise ship from Hamburg.

Update: I managed to stretch the insurance time to three months for the same price. Ingosstrakh has a bank account outside Russia so transferring money is no problem if you don’t have a bank account inside Russia. Since I have decided to leave Blue Dove in Russia for the winter, I have to prolong the insurance. I am now talking to another insurance company which also seems to do comprehensive insurance. Will keep you updated on this on too.

2019 update: Blue Dove sailed through and out of Russia without insurance. I couldn’t be bothered.

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