Apologies to Miss Perfect

Reading back through the tainui.org website I finally see what it is that Little Miss Perfect has been complaining about all these years: my frank and jocular acounts of her minor indiscretions – the spilt wines, her psychotic addiction to her phone, those truly disgusting Russian breakfast grits, her backflip into the sea and so forth.

Ignoring my egregious adventure with a rogue cardinal mark at Newlyn Harbour last year, it is time I owned up to some of my own less than perfect behaviours in Blue Dove. It is calm and foggy here in Pavilosta and I have time to roll up my sleeves and confess.

In Klaipeda I had lost the battery charger for my vaping machine. A serious crisis. Maxine and I turned the boat upside down looking for the bloody thing without success. Blue Dove being a rigorously non-smoking vessel, I was facing the prospect of nicotine cold turkey at sea. In a state of near panic I walked miles through Klaipeda to the location of vape store I had found on line. It had closed down. Back aboard, after another search, I eventually located the charger in a nook at the nav table, precisely where I had stashed it the day before.

Then, on the morning of our departure for Latvia I couldn’t find my iPhone. Fortunately we discovered the loss just before our departure. My search of the boat and the environs of the port having been fruitless, its recovery was attributed entirely to the good graces of the crew of a German yacht (India 3). They had found it outside the shower block where I had put it down while I dried my feet. They called the most recent number in the phone, Maxine’s of course, and I was able to recover it from them.

What a bloody idiot I am. Age does weary and, as my memory and my knees keep reminding me, the years condemn.

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