Snow and Sun

I am back in Priozyorsk, where the boat is on the hard. Priozyorsk is a small town 150km north of Saint-Petersburg on the west side of Lake Ladoga. The weather is beautiful and relatively warm, sunny but still with quite a bit of snow in the surrounding forest

I’m pleasantly surprised that the yard is busily getting boats ready. Lots of people around. Last year was a bit lonely when I was the only one still in the yard at the end of the season. I now even have a neighbour – Sergey- who also sleeps on his boat. That being said most men only use their boats as a variation on a theme – the shed, a place away from their wives.  Nobody is in a hurry to have their boats launched. As if sailing is an afterthought. Needless to say I am the only women in the yard. I am not complaining.

Priozyorsk has nothing to offer for visiting yachties in terms of stuff you need for a boat. Everything has to come from St-Petersburg and often from abroad. But everybody is friendly and willing to help.

Blue Dove will be launched tomorrow.

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