By: Maxine Maters. After Saint-Petersburg, City Marina in Tallinn is a breath of fresh air. The marina captain is expecting me. Last year he did not speak Russian, not even when I asked him. This year he fortunately does. Makes the conversation a whole lot more fluent. He makes my day when he tells me that I can have my Russian gas bottles filled in Tallinn. There apparently is a place that will do that.

I sailed into Tallinn, damaged as usual. Those 40+ knots of wind smashed my elbow which I did not immediately notice. Off watch however I was in so much pain, there was no sleeping without some serious painkillers. Iain, my wonderful crew – and doctor – reckoned a piece of bone got chipped of, hence the violent reaction. He stuffed me full of paracetamol with codeine and dragged me off to this most wonderful restaurant. A worthy end to our trip from Russia.


As usual Blue Dove is the smallest boat in port

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