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Kiel Canal

Halfway along the canal we anchored outside Rensburg, alone in a peaceful little bay with forested shore and glassy water.  It had been a long 36 hours and we collapsed early to bed. Such a familiar feeling for us both. After the … Continue reading

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The Standing Mast Route through Netherlands is a trip worth doing. Once. But there are just too many bridges, locks and ditherings about. In Groningen alone there are fifteen opening bridges through the centre of town. By the end of … Continue reading

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Miss Perfect has become a competent skipper but crikey, she is a taxing taskperson. I have been trying really hard to be good crew, but I nearly spilt 3 coffee grounds in the sink. There is such a narrow line … Continue reading

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IJsselmeer (yes, that’s the correct spelling) is the large body of water created by the damming of the Zuiderzee in the 30’s. 20 miles wide it is an ideal place to sail, and on Saturday there were yachts everywhere.Iwe had … Continue reading

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Here in Hoorn old buildings are awkwardly tilted. Elegant young women cycle through cobbled laneways. Century-old, ponderous sailing barges still work out of the harbour, there are flowers everywhere and it rains often. All very pretty, but we have been … Continue reading

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Coffee Grounds in the Sink

Back aboard Blue Dove, it is as if I had never left. As I had hoped, reconnection (both with the boat and with Madam) was immediate and seamless. There are two differences – first, we are in Netherlands and second, … Continue reading

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Some practical comments

In 2012 the Russian Prime Minister decreed that restrictions on entry of foreign vessels into Russia’s inland waterways were to be eased. Now, for those yachts seeking a novel route south from Svalbard and Norway to the Mediterranean, the Volga … Continue reading

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Peterson cutter digest 4146

G’day All, To Go Where No Peterson Cutter Has Gone Before Last night, at the Royal Australian Naval Sailing Association, I attended friend and sailor John Vallentine’s launch of his new book, “Sailing Through Russia — From the Arctic to … Continue reading

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